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When Crowdfunding Isn’t Crowdfunding

What Many People Refer to as “Crowdfunding” – Isn’t   By Andrew J Thompson   I try to make careful distinctions about the legal categories we use when it comes to the issuance of securities or of raising money as contributions. The popularity of Kickstarter, GoFundMe and IndieGogo, all true crowdfunding platforms, has enamored so (...)

IRS Tax Offers in Compromise

Dealing with Taxes and the IRS: Offers in Compromise When the Internal Revenue Service expanded the “Fresh Start” initiative in 2012, more flexible terms were offered for Offers in Compromise to enable taxpayers with certain kinds of financial distress access to means to eliminate past tax debts and related credit issues.  The elimination of debt, (...)


By Andrew J Thompson Indiana enacted the Uniform Premarital Agreement Act in 2014, but the law itself makes it apply to any agreements entered into on or after July 1, 1995, Indiana Code section 31-11-3-1. This provision would likely be overturned if a party had entered into an agreement in 1996 or later, but had (...)

Farmers Attorney

If your family has been in the farming business for many years, you know the “simple life” on the farm can produce many complexities in the families’ finances that don’t present themselves to the rest of the population. The phrase “land rich and cash poor” is widely used in reference to family farms where land (...)


In the rules of interpretation of written contracts, there are generally two schools of thought. One is to consider only the terms of the written document itself, the other is to consider outside evidence (“extrinsic evidence”) in interpreting the contract. The former approach presents a challenge in language interpretation, the latter approach presents a myriad (...)

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