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There are many reasons to set up a trust. Simplicity (once they are funded), tax minimization, clarity, etc. But one reason nearly all trusts are created is also to avoid the courtroom. Unfortunately, all too often, when there is enough at stake, there is nothing that will keep interested beneficiaries from a fight that ultimately leads to court.

When it does happen, the Landmark Legal Services is here to assist you, regardless which side of the battle you’re on. We’ve represented beneficiaries, grantors, grantors’ agents, trustees, other fiduciaries, and creditors alike in litigation involving trust related issues. We understand the unique nature of a trust and the problems that emerge when an unforeseeable situation arises and the terms of the trust could not clearly determine how a distribution should be made.

We navigate all the difficult and choppy waters you face along the way, and advise you on every potential option and how we recommend seeking resolution, while always leaving the decision of how to proceed to you. Our goal is the best outcome we can achieve for you.


When death intervenes and a family is faced with the difficult transition after losing a loved one, it’s very helpful to have experienced counsel at your side. Whether there is a Will or assets subject to intestate succession that must be probated, we have the experience to assist you in settling the estate and moving forward.

We handle Will contests and probate litigation over contested assets as well as the basic probate process and seek the same kind of results for you in these cases as we would in any other. Your success and peace of mind is tantamount to our practice.


Most people don’t know that adoption (dealing with a person’s overall estate and family) is part of probate, but as it includes matters that otherwise fall within the scope of what would be a guardianship, adoption is handled through he probate process as well.


Guardianships are much more complex than people tend to understand. When you assume the role of guardian, you are assuming a major and complete set of responsibilities for a person. Of course, the guardianship may be for some who is elderly, disabled or a minor. Each of these situations raises different issues for the guardian to handle, and thus engaging experienced and competent counsel in the process is essential for its success.

At Landmark Legal Services, we have handled dozens of guardianships in Indiana in many different counties. We are familiar with the system, court practices and the outcomes you can expect and problems that may arise along the way.

We represent guardians, petitioners, parents, other family members, creditors, caregivers and health care providers in guardianship cases, and have the experience to handle any issues a guardianship can present.

Whatever matters you have that involve probate or trust litigation, please contact Landmark Legal Services to assist you with your needs.

As trial counsel or as a litigation support professional, the needs you will have in the course of preparation for trial will be many, some of which you may need or be wise to outsource to a professional firm capable of providing exceptional, value added service and due diligence. At  Thompson Law Office, we provide top quality service in many specialized areas of litigation, including:
  • Discovery Preparation, Review and Analysis of Evidence
  • Depositions: Preparation, Coordination, Taking depositions and Follow Up
  • Focus Groups for Jury Trial Preparation and Jury Selection
  • Mediation and Arbitration
  • Other Alternative Dispute Resolutions, including:
    • Summary trials, and
    • Mini jury trials
  • Expert Witness Procurement, Vetting and Investigation
  • Legal Research and Drafting Services
  • Valuation Services and Damages Analysis
Issues in discovery are time consuming, expensive for clients, and increasingly complex, as more information is generated and obtained over the internet, and the capacity for document creation and manipulation has grown exponentially over the last decade.  TLC can manage this burden and effectively analyze and report on the strengths and deficiencies of evidence, as well as deficiencies of opposing parties in responding to your discovery requests.  We do everything from drafting and sending discovery requests, analyzing and reporting on discovery responses, and preparing discovery dispute correspondence and motions that enable you to compel discovery, all on the outbound side of the equation, and we help our clients ensure that privileged client information is properly protected, as well as reviewing and consulting parties and non-parties in responding to discovery requests from your adversaries. We believe depositions are frequently the most powerful and effective tools in discovery, and as such, devote ourselves to ensuring proper identification of deposition witnesses, preparation of questions and areas of questioning in each deposition, and will coordinate and take depositions on your behalf when it serves you and your case best.  Once transcripts are obtained, we utilize the same high quality system of summarizing testimony used in analysis of written discovery. We also provide focus group services, wherein we organize the focus group, divide them into sub-groups where necessary and appropriate, create a flexible format for questions and areas of discussion, and work with you in questioning the group(s) regarding particulars that relate to your case, all while maintaining full protection of attorney-client privilege.  Mediation and Arbitration: we offer our services in mediation and arbitration, often in unconventional settings like the resolution of Board of Director disputes, and arbitration of complex litigation issues, that typically are resolved elsewhere.  Along with these services, we also conduct Summary Trials and Mini Jury Trials, where the efficiency of these proceedings can help parties get to a quicker and better resolution of their differences. We can also take the burden of procuring expert witnesses, investigating their qualifications (whether friendly or adverse), and preparing them with you for trial, off your shoulders and allow you to focus on the issues of going to trial or settling the case.  When legal research and drafting needs more attention than you can provide in your case, we offer high quality service to provide you with exceptional briefs, motions, pleadings and memoranda of law. Finally, we team with valuation and damages experts, to inform you of the value of your case, and the best strategies for accomplishing what you need in the litigation process.  When considering the superiority of service we provide, our rates are exceptionally competitive and our work is directed toward accomplishing the results you need.  Please call our offices today at (317) 564-4976.
When a dispute arises over defective work in construction, our firm provides representation to enable you to protect your rights, determine damages, assert liability where appropriate, and defend your position with respect to claims made against you.  We have extensive experience resolving construction related litigation, and can help you accomplish your own goals.  
For both commercial and residential investors, of large buildings, single family residences, vacant land, and renovation projects, Landmark Legal Services assists investors with purchases, financing, sales and leasing transactions.  We handle closings quickly and efficiently.  We also obtain Quiet Title judgments on properties purchased at foreclosure sales.   We work with investors throughout various stages of the investment process from acquisition to development to construction to leasing or sale, and assist with the financing of each stage of the process along the way.   In the event the need or consequence of litigation emerges, we are skilled and adept at handling any type of lien, foreclosure, or other dispute.

The "Not to Big to Fail Banks" routinely break the rules, and homeowners need protection when they do. Landmark Legal Services is here to ensure your rights are fully protected as they relate to your mortgage.

Over the past seven years, we have represented hundreds of homeowners in state court litigation here in Indiana against the "Not to Big to Fail" banks. We've handled Settlement Conferences, counterclaims, declaratory judgment actions, set aside judgments, stopped Sheriff Sales, taken on Adversary Proceedings in Bankruptcy, defended summary judgment proceedings, filed appeals, and covered every other aspect of litigation.

Our approach to advocacy is entirely client focused. We want to help you achieve your goals, whether they are simply to keep the home you love, to have a smooth exit from the home on a reasonable timetable that meets your needs, or to prevail against a lender or lenders who have breached their duties and obligations to you as a homeowner and borrower - and in truth, they breach these duties regularly.

Wherever you live, we can help. Call us today to help you assess your situation and determine the best course of action for you.

Landmark Legal Services is very zealous in its advocacy for homeowners in addressing the injustices of the large, national banks. Landmark Legal Services is the ideal place to come for legal counsel on difficult real estate issues and we would be glad to assist you with your needs. We typically handle one of a few specific real estate issues. These include:
Fraud Litigation

Under Indiana law, an employer or contractor hiring labor or sales representatives has a strong responsibility to make sure their agents and employees are paid what they are owed and paid timely. If the employer comes up short in making payment, it can be very costly, including a multiple of the amount of the unpaid wages or commissions, plus attorney fees and other costs.

With respect to employees: Every such person, firm, corporation, limited liability company, or association who shall fail to make payment of wages to any such employee as provided in section 1 of this chapter shall, as liquidated damages for such failure, pay to such employee for each day that the amount due to him remains unpaid ten percent (10%) of the amount due to him in addition thereto, not exceeding double the amount of wages due, and said damages may be recovered in any court having jurisdiction of a suit to recover the amount due to such employee, and in any suit so brought to recover said wages or the liquidated damages for nonpayment thereof, or both, the court shall tax and

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